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Queensland Electrical and Solar is an electrical contracting business based on the Redcliffe Peninsula.
Our lead technician and owner is Laurent, commonly call "Frenchy". As well as being a fully qualified electrician and solar technician, he has a European bachelor's degree in Industrial Maintenance, old-school work ethics, and takes pride in doing a great job, every time.
If you need some electrical work to be done properly, efficiently and safely, you have found the right contractor!
We offer quality workmanship, attention to detail and a rapid response to your enquiry.
We are honest, reliable and punctual. We will help you find the electrical solution you require.
Call us today for a quote or for some advice on a job. 

What We Do

• Air conditioning wiring
• Fuses to circuit breakers
• Code violations
• Residential and commercial wiring
• Appliance and lighting installations
• Data network and telephone installations
• Dock electric and lighting
• Trouble shooting
• Surge protection
• Landscape lighting
• Power meter and electrical panel service
• Bathroom and spa wiring
• Exterior lighting and power supply.

All Work 100% Guaranteed

Our policy is to do the job right the first time.
We always stand behind our work and make it right.
We want to be your trusted electrician for all of your future needs.
All of our work is guaranteed for one year.
We also offer extended warranties to our services for more peace of mind.
Top-Notch Expertise
Our electricians are highly skilled, certified, as they undergo one of the most rigorous hiring processes in the industry.
When you choose our company, you can be comfortable knowing that the individual performing the work is a qualified electrician. 

Solar Solutions

The solar industry has been gaining momentum in Australia in the past decade. It is undeniable: we live in the Sunshine State, and we have the technology to harness the energy that beats down on our homes 365 days a year.

With the cost of electricity rising every year, our bills have more than doubled in the past 14 years. Unfortunately, our salaries have not!

There are more and more solar options available these days, and a competitive market, as well as technological advances, have seen the price come down considerably, making solar a possibility for a larger percent of the population than ever before.

There is a solar solution for everyone. Some may only need a simple, easy-to-use system, while some may desire a high-tech and high-efficiency system. One thing is sure, our energy requirements increase year by year, and the future of energy production is moving further away from the traditional energy sources each year. Call us to discuss your options, today. 

237 Victoria Avenue
Margate 4019

Phone: +61 0426 298 810